Friday, July 2, 2010

The Hunger of the Shame

Words that describe how I feel right now…down, depressed, suicidal. I let everyone down, I let myself down and yet I should forgive myself now. I set myself free right now. If it has all gone wrong, then it has all gone right and im alone living in fear. These are my last words, as I leave this world. I, Elah write these last words to you Naomi of Jericho. I hope you can forgive me Naomi. I hope you can let this one go. I did my best, baby. I fought the good fight but it didn’t quite work out for me.

Dear Naomi, sweet Naomi, as I lie in this apartment the sound of Vuvuzelas can be heard, people are excited, they are watching the quarterfinal. It is Netherlands versus Brazil. Aah, but let me not bore you with that. You were never interested in football. Secretly you were only interested in lying next to me feeling my heartbeat thumping hard against my chest. You were lusting for my

I decided to end it all today because I knew you were going to see your parents in the great Beyond. You were surprised when you saw how I did not fight you about how long you should stay there. I was just glad Naomi, that you wouldn’t see my stiff body lying on the floor in 'cursive form' that I must now lay in. I have arranged for my uncle, the Great One's bodyguards to come and pick my body up. Don’t be angry Naomi that the Great One knew and did not tell you. No, instead be happy, be joyous that the Great One understood.

I went to see the witch of the North yesterday and she gave me the key to my death. She had a deathly smile and rancid breath. She was gnawing on dry rat flesh. She gave me, just a drop not a lot so I can die the excruciating way that it must be. It was the oil of Pyronia that is burning my stomach now. My organs are literally frying right now. My blood stained hands shake as I struggle to hold onto the picture. Remember the picture, your face illuminated, as you hold Little Prince. I can still smell that faint baby smell.

Naomi take of yourself, take care of little Prince…feed him well, the good blood he requires and thank you for the stab wounds you placed on my heart, they made it much easier on me .

hi guys, plse comment on this story on this blog. let me know what you think..should i kill it or